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MEPs calls for EU-wide action

MEPs calls for EU-wide action to reduce cancer risk from mobile phones

By Martin Banks - 17th October 2011

(Brain tumors have been definitively scientifically proved - Michele Rivasi)

A conference in parliament heard that repeated exposure to electromagnetic fields from devices such as mobile phones can pose a cancer risk.

The seminar, 'Early warnings: the case of mobile phone and head tumours,' heard how the European institutions 'can act' to help counter the carcinogenic risk caused by mobile phones.

The event was co-hosted by MEPs Kriton Arsenis, Michèle Rivasi and Frédérique Ries.
Arsenis, a Greek deputy, said that 'past failures' to react to early warnings had led to 'public health tragedies'.
The Socialist member said, "Two scientific studies have indicated the first early warnings on the carcinogenic effects of the use of mobile phones particularly by children and pregnant women.

"In many cases in the past, our failure to react to early warnings led to public health tragedies.

"Based on the precautionary principle, the commission should immediately inform the public on ways to reduce exposure to mobile phone radiation, reduce the radiation exposure limits and encourage independent scientific studies to further examine these first warnings."

His demand was enthusiastically endorsed by Rivasi, a French Greens deputy, who said, "We are now beyond the alert phase regarding the abusive use of mobile phones.

"Brain tumours have been definitively, scientifically proved. From now on, this is no longer the principle of precaution that must be applied, but the prevention principle.

"It is now time to act. European recommendations have to be revised and research must be developed on the other effects of electromagnetic waves on living beings.

"In addition to cancer or childhood leukaemia, some studies show the link between exposure to these radiations and Alzheimer's disease, sleep disorders or psychological problems."

The conference also heard from Ries, a Belgian ALDE member and parliament's 2009 rapporteur on "concerns about the health effects of electromagnetic fields".

She said, "The limits of public exposure to electromagnetic fields haven't changed in Europe since 1999. At this time, wireless devices were not used everyday.

"We cannot wait or delay these decisions until later."

Elsewhere, Lennart Hardell, professor of oncology at the university hospital of Örebro in Sweden, told the conference, "Our studies showed an increased risk for malignant brain tumours and acoustic neuroma and use of mobile or cordless phones.

"The risk increased with latency time and cumulative use. Highest risk was found in the group with first use of a wireless phone before 20 years of age."

Further comment came from David Gee, European environment agency senior advisor on science, policy and emerging issues, who told the conference that mobile phones have "numerous social, economic and even environmental benefits".

He went on, "However, there is significant disagreement in the scientific community about whether mobile phone use increases the risk of head cancers.

"We recommend using the precautionary principle to guide policy decisions in cases like this.

"This means that although our understanding is incomplete, this should not prevent policymakers from taking preventative action."

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Professor Oleg Grigoriev

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