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Save the Males

Don’t let a mobile phone ruin your chance of fatherhood

Research has shown a consistent link between mobile phone exposure and adverse health effects on male fertility and sperm viability. The majority of young males are now heavy mobile phone users, so we feel that this deserves national attention as a potentially very serious public health issue. At the Radiation Research Trust, we want to make sure the public are educated about the potential risks to fertility as the evidence of fertility damage from mobile phone use is now extremely strong. Research from laboratory experiments has proven:

  • Lower levels of radio-frequency (RF) radiation, such as that emitted by a mobile phone, can affect sperm quantity and quality
  • Exposure to RF radiation decreases sperm’s motility and vitality
  • Such exposure potentially affects both a male’s fertility and the health and wellbeing of his offspring

We highly recommend you take these simple precautions:

  1. Keep your mobile phone out of your trouser pocket
  2. Do not text holding your phone at waist level
  3. Limit your daily use
  4. Switch it off at night (or as much as possible)

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The Evidence connecting Mobile Phone EMF Exposure and Male Infertility

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Effects of the Exposure to Mobile Phones on Male Reproduction: A Review of the Literature.

Androl. 2011 Jul 28.
La Vignera S, Condorelli RA, Vicari E, D'Agata R, Calogero AE.

Abstract The use of mobile phones is now widespread. A great debate is going on about the possible damage that the radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) emitted by mobile phones exerts on different organs and apparatuses. Aim of this article was to review the existing literature exploring the effects of RF-EMR on the male reproductive function in experimental animals and human beings. Studies on the experimental animals have been conducted in rats, mice, and rabbits using a similar design based upon mobile phone radiofrequency exposure for a variable length of time.
Altogether the results of these studies show that RF-EMR decreases sperm count and motility, and increases the oxidative stress.

In human beings, two different experimental approaches have been followed, one has explored the effects of RF-EMR directly on spermatozoa and the other has evaluated the sperm parameters in men using or not mobile phones.

The results show that human spermatozoa exposed to RF-EMR have decreased motility, morphometric abnormalities, and increased oxidative stress, whereas men using mobile phones have decreased sperm concentration, motility (particularly the rapid progressive one), normal morphology, and viability. These abnormalities seem to be directly related with the length of mobile phone use.

PMID: 21799142 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]


Save the Males poster campaign

The ASA have asked the RRT to remove the ‘Save the Males’ poster from the magazines, newspapers and websites due to choice of wording. The RRT and its scientific advisers disagree with the ASA assessment of the public interpretation of the advertisement.

The ASA is recognised by Government, it is a voluntary code body funded by industry whose judgements do not have the force of law. However, in this case we are prepared to address their criticisms and change the poster wording.

The RRT believe that two small wording changes will remove the current ASA criticisms. These are:

Changing "Most medical experts ..." to "Some medical experts ..." and
changing "... can affect fertility ..." to "... may affect fertility ..."

Future versions of the poster for actual printing and display now contain these small changes.

Please see enclosed letters from the ASA and response from the RRT. The RRT felt that this information would be helpful to other campaign groups under the Freedom of Information.

Letter in response from RRT” download here


Most importantly… Spread the word!

Please feel free to download, print out, and put up the Save the Males campaign poster.

NB. The Save the Males poster contains copyright. The image, words or RRT logo cannot be changed or removed. Please contact the RRT if you need to resize the poster for other promotions such as use for fridge magnets, key rings etc. The RRT needs to be represented correctly so please contact us over the spec for the sizes required so we can ensure that the RRT logo and copyright is represented correctly. We can provide a cost for the artwork.

Please also consider making a donation to our charity to help pay towards further promotion material and campaign costs.



Increase national awareness that the evidence on fertility damage from mobile phone use is now getting very strong.

Campaign Plan

  • Release a document highlighting the strength of the evidence and its implications in a similar vein to the 15 reasons for concern paper.
  • A nationwide poster campaign in male public toilet advertising areas highlighting the problems to those mostly likely to be affected and concerned by the issue.
  • We will also call for research funding to help replicate existing studies.


Tim Ferriss on Sperm and Cell Phones

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Electromagnetic Man

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Professor Oleg Grigoriev

Video footage available from the UK EM Radiation Research Trust meeting June 2015 featuring Dr Erica Mallery Blythe, Dr Viktoria Akekessva and Professor Oleg Grigoriev, Head of the Scientific Department of Non-Ionizing Radiation, Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia and Chairman, Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection – View: here

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